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Mini Apple Snack Pies 6pk

Entenmann’s Baker's Delights Mini Apple Snack Pies are perfectly portioned, perfectly delicious. Wrapped in a golden, lightly glazed crust, these mini apple pies are filled with sweet apple pie filling for a homemade taste everyone will love. Entenmann’s Baker's Delights Mini Apple pies are the perfect size for satisfying your sweet tooth without overindulging, making them great lunch snacks and on the go snacks. Entenmann’s Baker's Delights mini snack pies are always made with care and quality ingredients for a delicious taste you can count on. A great school snack for kids and a perfect afternoon pick-me-up for adults to serve with coffee or tea, these fruit pies are kosher, allowing everyone to enjoy a sweet treat whenever they need one. Each mini apple pie is individually wrapped and sealed to keep the crust crisp and delicious until you’re ready to enjoy as a breakfast food, with milk as an after school snack or top with vanilla ice cream for dessert.. Entenmann’s cakes, coffee cakes, donuts and pastries help families celebrate special occasions and the everyday with heritage baked goods. Celebrate any moment with Entenmann’s Baker's Delights Mini Apple Snack Pies.

UPC: 7203002239

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