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Entenmann's Minis. The same deliciousness you know and love, only smaller and individually wrapped. It's a little something we call Snackification!

Snackification - The future of snacking is in your hands.
The future of snacking is in your hands.

(Entenmann’s Minis Logo with a Crumb Cake)

(Hand places Mini Crumb Cake on a fork)

(A fist slams the handle of the fork, sending the cake flying off the top of the screen)

Stick a fork in forks. They’re done.

(The cake lands in an open hand)

The future of snacking is in your hands.

(A man smiles and bites the cake)

(Entenmann’s Minis Logo)


Snacking should be both delicious and convenient.

Enter: minis. Mini donuts, mini apple pies, mini pound cake, mini crumb cake, and more! We know you’re busy and always on the move, so your snack options should help make your life easier while satisfying your cravings. Minis are pre-portioned and individually wrapped, making lunchtime packing a breeze—the perfect size to fit in a lunch box, purse, or briefcase.

Entenmann's Minis

Easy Breakfast Ideas

Imagine waking up in the morning, and breakfast is ready. Not just any breakfast, but a delicious, portable breakfast on the go, so you’ll never have to slow down on even your busiest mornings. Entenmann’s Minis make it happen! Enjoy rich and buttery mini pound cake or sweet and flavorful mini crumb cake any morning of the week!

Looking for some new snacks for work?

Need a little sweet treat pick-me-up to get you through the workday? It sounds like a job for Entenmann’s Minis. Whether you’re in the mood for a crème filled mini fudge cake or a fruity mini apple pie, Entenmann’s Minis satisfy in the office or on the go.

Mini Snacks near me?” Check our store locator.

Try making these fun recipes with our mini snacks!



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