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Minis Crumb Cake

What happens when you combine our delicious crumb cake with a classic glazed donut? Wildly delicious MAGIC! Our signature crumb donut may now be even more tempting as a mini donut – the ultimate on the go snack.   

Looking for breakfast ideas for kids?

The buttery, cakey donut topped with crunchy crumbs and sweet powdered sugar make a delicious breakfast treat. The kids will love a sweet and fun treat like mini donuts! The individual, pre-portioned packaging makes them an easy option for breakfast on the go, whether in the car or on the school bus.

Lunch snacks are better than ever

If you’re looking for new lunch box ideas, try our mini crumb donuts.  They’re the perfect size to pack in a lunch box and enjoy as a snack at school or work. Mini donuts are great to keep in your car for snacking on the go, or in your desk for an afternoon pick-me-up. You deserve a delicious treat that’s packed with flavor and will put a smile on your face!

UPC: 7203001969

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