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Mini Raspberry and Cheese Danish

Sweet and savory meet fruity tartness in Entenmann’s Baker's Delights Mini Raspberry and Cheese Danish. They are baked to perfection and individually wrapped for freshness and convenience. The sweet, cheese and raspberry filling are hugged by a buttery, flaky dough that simply melts in your mouth. You can actually see the tart raspberry fruit filling peeking through the top of each delicious pastry. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, dessert or as an anytime snack at home or on-the-go. Since 1898, the Entenmann’s name has stood for moist and delicious baked goods. Over the years, families have made Entenmann’s part of their everyday lives and special occasions. It’s a tradition of quality that is found in every product baked with care every day. Grab a box of Entenmann’s Baker's Delights Mini Raspberry and Cheese Danish for everyday snacking or any occasion.

UPC: 7203002411


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