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Entenmann's® Donuts Commercial

Narrator: Entenmann's donuts- everyone's got a Favorite; like Rich Frosted fantastic, Glazed goodness, sensational Soft’ees, cinnamon and frosted Pop’ettes, powdered perfection.

3 Rich Frosted Donuts stacked next to one Rich Frosted Donut and a glass of milk, Glazed donuts and Glazed Pop’ems together, cinnamon, powdered, and plain Soft’ee donuts
camera shows 6 full cinnamon Pop’ettes and one Cinnamon Pop’ettes broken in half*

Narrator: A favorite for generations. Entenmann's is famous for flavor, variety, and that unique Entenmann's bakery taste.

Entenmann’s all variety donuts, Pop’ettes, and Pop’ems on a plate sit deliciously on a plate

Narrator: You can put on your table or take with You. Delicious Entenmann's donuts at grocery stores Everywhere. Entenmann's is the official donut of the Harlem Globetrotters

Rich Frosted Donut taken off plate

Static image with Soft’ees box, Rich Frosted Donut box, Mr. Rich Frosted spinning a Harlem Globetrotters ball, and the Harlem Globetrottes and Entenmann’s logo

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