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Entenmann’s Pumpkin Pop'ems

Maureen Sticco standing in kitchen with Entenmann’s Pumpkin donuts, Pop’ems and Little Bites Muffins

Maureen Sticco: Hi, I'm Maureen Sticco from Entenmann's Bakery. Fall is here and we have some great DIY recipes we want to share with you using our Entenmann's donuts, Pop’ems, and Little Bites muffins. Here's the pumpkin Pop’em we want to show you how to make.

The camera pans to picture of finished Pumpkin head made out of Pumpkin and Rich Frosted Pop’ems.

With music playing in the background, we see a large Styrofoam ball has standard toothpicks sticking out of it in all directions. A hand places a one one Pumpkin Pop’em per toothpick.

We see a super on screen that reads, “Styrofoam Ball with Standard Toothpicks” and then “Entenmann’s Pop’ems Donuts.”

A hand is applying rich frosted Pop’ems to create eyes and mouth of Pumpkin.

The on-screen super reads, “Chocolate Pop’ems.”

The hand applies the rest of the Pumpkin Pop’ems to finish the pumpkin head.

The camera pulls back to see the full finished Pumpkin Head made out of Pop’ems sitting on top of a stack of hay and next to a box of Entenman’s Pumpkin Pop’ems Donuts.

We see the Entenmann’s logo against a white background.

Get ready for some fall entertaining ideas as we show you how to make a giant pumpkin centerpiece for your holiday table made with our Entenmann’s Pumpkin and Rich Frosted Pop’ems (feel free to use any of our yummy Pop’ems varieties). Check out the Entenmann's Facebook pages for some more great DIY ideas.

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