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Augie Cunha

Augie Cunha: Hi I'm Augie Cunha I'm a Senior Manager of Baking Technology for all the Entenmann’s products. I was very fortunate to work along with the Entenmann's brothers.

Images of Robert and William Entenmann appears on screen

Augie Cunha: Being with William and Robert Entenmann has given me the opportunity to truly understand the dynamics. We are A one hundred and eighteen-year-old brand. We are very passionate, very committed to our consumers, and it's very important to us that we deliver the highest quality Always

Boxes of cake go down a conveyer belt in the bakery. Entenmann’s horse and buggy carriage is shown. Multiple cakes going down a conveyer belt in two separate bakeries

Augie Cunha: I don't like my job I absolutely love my job. It is to me exciting to come to work and see and be part of developing or baking products, iconic Products, as well as new products.

Ingredients being mixed together in bake lab. Empty cake tin is filled with batter on a scale

Augie Cunha: Everyone’s got a favorite and I had my share favors over the years but currently my favorite is the mini pound Cake. It is delish having it in the morning with my coffee

Augie holds up a box of Entenmann’s Mini Pound Cake

Meet Augie Cunha, Sr. Manager Baking Technology, Cake

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