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Minis Pound Cake

What’s better than rich, buttery pound cake? A mini pound cake! Individually wrapped and ready to take with you on the go, wherever, whenever. It’s the best pound cake on the block.

Looking for easy breakfast ideas or lunch box ideas?

Pack one of our mini pound cakes to take to work or for your kids to take to school. Pre-portioned and individually wrapped, mornings have never been easier. Stash them in the car as road trip snacks or keep them in a desk drawer as work snacks for those late nights.

The best snacks for work are easy, convenient, and most importantly, delicious! Our mini pound cake is a great lunch box idea for those times at the office when you’re low on time and need a yummy pick me up.

Not just for breakfast…

Our mini pound cake also serves as a delicious and rich dessert. Many even consider it to be the best pound cake around. Top with a scoop of your favorite ice cream for a quick and decadent dessert or have the kids decorate with their favorite toppings for a fun (and yummy!) DIY treat.

UPC: 7203001968

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