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Minis Apple Snack Pies

An American classic: apple pie! Our mini apple pies have the same great taste as our classic apple pie, except they’re small enough to take with you anywhere on-the-go. They make great snacks for work, a road trip, and lunch time.

Look no further for great lunch box ideas.

Our mini apple pies are the perfect size for lunch box snacks. Your kids are bound to appreciate these sweet apple pie snacks! Their mini size and prepackaged wrapping also makes them great for breakfast on the go or an easy and convenient desk snack. Each box comes with 6 individually wrapped snack pies.

What makes these the best fruit pies around?

The scrumptious fruity filling and flaky crust are no match for other mini snacks. Lightly glazed, and made with real apples. It’s a tradition of quality that is found in every Entenmann's product baked with care every day.

Don’t think our mini snacks mean they’re low in flavor.

The best apple pie features a sweet fruity filling with a hint of cinnamon and a buttery, flaky crust that holds it all together. Our mini apple pies have just that! Enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a yummy dessert, or on its own for an easy and delicious desk snack at work.

UPC: 7203002239

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