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Vintage photo of a horse pulling a bakery cart

A Dozen Decades Of Quality & Tradition

When you share your Entenmann’s fresh baked goods with your family and friends today, you’re actually taking part in a tradition that began more than a century ago. Over the years, families just like yours have made Entenmann’s part of their everyday lives and special occasions. As we celebrated our 120th birthday this year, we wish to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for the deep honor we feel as we serve you and those you love.

William Entenmann c. Late 1800s

LATE 1800s

William Entenmann comes to America

Our founder was a baker from Stuttgart, Germany, who learned his trade from his father. William’s first job in America was in a bread factory.

Entenmann's Horse drawn bakery wagon c. 1898


Entenmann’s® opens in Brooklyn

In 1898, William opened his own bakery in Brooklyn, New York. He delivered fresh-baked goods door-to-door in a horse-drawn wagon.

Entenmann's location in Bay Shore c. 1900


Entenmann’s® Moves to Bay Shore

When William’s son was stricken with rheumatic fever, the family moved to Bay Shore, Long Island, at the doctor’s suggestion. Later, William Jr. took the reins of the bakery, including 30 home delivery routes.

Prestigious Family Photo c.1930s


Prestigious Customers

Entenmann’s® prospered through the early part of the century. Our baked goods were enjoyed by prominent families such as the Morgans and Vanderbilts.

Entenmann's Crumb Coffee Cake c.1950s


The chairman and Entenmann’s®

By the 1950’s, the Bay Shore bakery even topped Frank Sinatra’s list. The American icon placed weekly orders for Entenmann’s® Crumb Coffee Cake.

Martha Entenmann at a meeting c.1951


Charting a new Course

In 1951, William Entenmann Jr. passed away. Martha Entenmann and her sons Charles, Robert, and William knew it was time for home delivery to give way to supplying supermarkets.

Executives standing in front of the Entenmann's baking facility c. 1961


Entenmann’s® Expands

The family expanded the business into New Jersey and Connecticut, and in 1961, Entenmann’s® built the largest baking facility of its kind in the U.S. on five acres in Bay Shore.

Entenmann's 120th Birthday 2018



In 2018, we celebrated our 120th Birthday by giving presents to fans who have enjoyed our products for generations. It was a major milestone for us and we will continue to work hard to earn a lasting place at your table.

Entenmann's donuts today, with a side of coffee


Entenmann’s® Today

We continue to bake our famous donuts, cakes, pies, and more every day, and freshness remains in the hallmark of our products. Entenmann’s® is now part of the Bimbo Bakeries USA family.

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