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Snacking the way you want it

Entenmann’s Baker’s Delights are mini in size and big on taste. The convenient, individually wrapped portion control size make packing for lunchtime or snacktime a breeze—the perfect size snack to fit in a lunch box, purse, briefcase, desk drawer or glove compartment. And as you’d expect, every variety of Entenmann’s Baker’s Delights is made with the finest ingredients and are always moist and delicious.

Entenmann’s Baker’s Delights Packaging Features NaviLens!

Entenmann’s partnered with NaviLens to assist visually impaired people to access important product information easily by scanning a new colorful accessible code on all Entenmann’s Baker’s Delights packaging with the NaviLens App. Download it now: Apple App Store or the Android App Store.

Easy breakfast ideas

Imagine waking up in the morning, and breakfast is ready. Not just any breakfast, but a delicious, portable breakfast on the go, so you’ll never have to slow down on even your busiest mornings. Entenmann’s Baker’s Delights make it happen! Enjoy a rich and buttery mini pound cake or sweet and flavorful mini crumb cake any morning of the week!

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