12 Layer Entenmann's Trifle



1/2 Entenmann's All Butter Loaf Cake
1/4 Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Crumb Loaf Cake
1 Box Entenmann's Frosted Pop'ems
2 Entenmann's Frosted Devil's Food Donuts
1 package Devil's Food Instant Chocolate Pudding
1 package Vanilla Instant Pudding
4 Cups Milk
2 Bananas
20 Small Strawberries
1-1/2 Cups Whipped Topping
1/8 Cup Semisweet Mini Chocolate Morsels
1/2 Cup Cocktail Peanuts (unsalted), chopped
1 Tablespoon multi-colored nonpareils


Prepare pudding mixes separately according to package directions and refrigerate to cool and set for 5 minutes.

Cut bananas into 1/4 inch slices and set aside. Quarter strawberries and set aside.

Chop peanuts into small pieces, set aside.

Slice the Entenmann's Loaf Cakes into 1/8" thick slices and set aside.

To assemble, line bottom of oval 11x8x2-1/2 Pyrex dish with slices of All Butter Loaf Cake. Next, spread a thin layer of chocolate pudding, followed by a layer of bananas. Top with slices of Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake, followed by a layer of strawberries. Spread a thin layer of vanilla pudding on top and cover with whole Pop'ems. Spread with whipped topping, beginning in the middle and working outward toward rim (it will resemble a white cloud). Crumble Devil's Food Donuts, combine with semisweet morsels and place on top. Finish with a sprinkle of peanuts and nonpareils.

Serves 10

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